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“I love MAIA workshops!  They help me learn more about topics that interest me and connect with other people who have similar interests.”

                     — E. N., professional and parent

Past MAIA Workshops and Events

Here are some of our previous workshops topics. We are available to do workshops for schools or organizations on a variety of topics. If you are interested in any of the topics below or have others that you would like to propose please contact us.

Past MAIA Workshops

Past MAIA Events

Restoring Hope during Adolescent Crises

Adolescence features major developmental tensions physically, socially, emotionally and academically. As a parent of an adolescent, you may feel hard pressed to know how to help your child with complex problems. Our panel of experts will provide you with key pointers for recognizing problems when they start and offer specific ways to help your child engage in a meaningful, well-balanced life.

Questions addressed: When is intervention needed? Does your adolescent need an alternative school environment? Will your adolescent ever go back into mainstream education? What are reasonable parenting expectations? What supports should you make sure exist on a college campus?


The Tough Stuff to Talk About: Raising a Child with Special Needs

As professionals and parents raising or working with a special needs child, we know it's critical to find the right support and guidance. We have created an expert panel of dynamic professionals who engage in honest discussion about providing for special needs children. This includes examination of neuropsychological evaluations and diagnoses, child advocacy and managing relationships during times of stress. Parents, psychologists, learning specialists and interested professionals are encouraged to attend.


The Road Less Travelled: Making Unexpected Educational Decisions for Your Child

A  discussion of why the one-to-one teaching model works so well for students and how current research supports this model. In addition, why your child might have experienced inconsistent success in other academic settings – the process one can undergo in figuring out the right supports — understanding your child’s strengths and weaknesses - how to appropriately challenge an underperforming student to reach his/her potential — creating effective partnerships between home-and-school.


Test Anxiety: Preparing Students Emotionally for High Stakes Testing

A review what happens physiologically when students are anxious during tests and the specific strategies used to help students manage their anxiety so that they can reach their optimal performance on high stakes tests.


Executive Functioning Skills = Success in Life

A discussion of work done with students on executive functioning skills at MAIA and presentation on specific case studies.


ADHD demystified: How to Help Our Students Thrive at Home and School

A discussion offering insights into living with ADHD and offering specific strategies on how to help students will be reviewed.


Is My Child Ready for College? Identifying Support for Students with Learning Differences

A discussion on the process of college placement for students with Learning Differences. What are some specific things to think consider for your child when determining a good fit?

How to Obtain Special Education Support Services Through the Department of Education: Know Your Rights

This event is designed for parents who have children with an identified learning difference and/or ADHD. In addition, we welcome professionals who wish to learn more about the rights of youngsters who are in either private or public school and need support services.

Did you know that if your child needs support services, he or she could be eligible for them through the Department of Education? These services could include individual tutoring, PT, OT and speech and language therapy.

Join Sharon Thomas and Keith Haber  from MAIA Education Resource Center together with Education Advocate Miriam Nunberg to learn:

  • The difference between the public and private school requirements to obtaining services
  • Tips on how you can be your child's best advocate during an IEP or IESP meeting
  • Your rights in securing a competent provider to work with your child

Summer Expository Writing Workshop at the Museum Mile

Our workshop teachers tailor their approaches to each student’s individual needs and strengths while using the Hochman Method and relevant museum exhibits as inspiration for writing topics. Students also spend time outdoors in Central Park on specific writing activities and have a chance to form meaningful social ties with their classmates.

Maia Education’s Summer Writing Workshop at the Museum Mile immerses students in relevant content while providing literacy practice in an interactive, multi-sensory, and fun way.

Managing ADHD in College:

What You Need to Know

Please join MAIA Education Resource Center and the Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Dr. Maria Edman, Sharon Thomas and Olivia Merrick-Haight will share their expertise on how to help students manage ADHD in college.  This event is intended for parents, professionals, high school and college students.

Strategies for Improving Test Performance:

Tips and Tools for Parents of Anxious Students

Please join Sharon Thomas and Dr. Jaclyn Ghamar for a parent coffee about how to improve test performance for anxious students.

Solutions to School Refusal:

How to Support Students and Families with Educational and Therapeutic Decisions and Transitions

Please join MAIA Education Resource Center and Mountain Valley Treatment Center for a lively panel event with speakers Sharon Thomas, Kayte Knower, Dr. Laura Taglareni, and Dr. Timothy DiGiacomo..

With school refusal on the rise, parents and professionals are seeking effective treatment programs and information on how to develop successful educational plans for children and teens. This panel will highlight ways to identify and treat school refusal so that students receive the help that they need in a timely manner while ensuring that the transitions are smooth.

Preventing Academic Breakdowns:

Interventions that Work

MAIA Education Resource Center together with Dr. Preetika Mukherjee will host a parent coffee about preventing academic breakdowns and what specific interventions work for at risk or under-performing students.

Teenage Anxiety Demystified:

A Practical Toolbox for Parents and Professionals

Panelists will discuss their experience of teenage anxiety and provide practical insights for the identification and successful treatment of students.

Setting Teens Up For a Dynamic Summer:

How To Create Balance and Structure for Teen Wellness

This presentation will provide specific tips for parents and professionals involved in helping teens enjoy their summer.  We will discuss how to prevent: 1) summer academic slide, 2) emotional distress and 3) family conflict.

Applying Executive Function Skills to the Writing Process:

With summer break approaching rapidly, parents and their teenage students are making plans. Students deserve a break this summer, but the time away from school is also an excellent opportunity to hone important skills.

At MAIA Education Resource Center, we understand that teens want to have fun this summer—even when they’re learning. That is why we designed the Writing and Executive Function Workshop. By using Judith Hochman’s writing program, our Executive Function Writing Workshop helps teens apply executive function skills to a step-by-step writing progression—resulting in a deeper understanding of and confidence in the writing process, as well as a complete, edited essay on a chosen topic.

Support on the College Application:

One-week Writing Workshop on Personal Statements for College

Applying to college is both a stressful and exciting time for high-school students. Comparing colleges, visiting campuses, taking standardized tests, securing recommendation letters, and sending out applications takes a significant commitment of time and energy. MAIA Education Resource Center is here to help. Our Writing Workshop on Personal Statements for College will help prepare your high school student to face one of the most challenging steps in the college admissions process with confidence.

By pulling together our team’s knowledge of college applications and personal-statement writing, MAIA Education Resource Center has designed a workshop just for high school students.

Supporting Our Kids Through School Transitions K-12

Meet with our expert and dynamic professional panel to learn about how to support our kids and families through school transitions as they undergo the admissions process and learn about admissions results.

Issues to be addressed include: How to communicate with our youngsters

about admissions results and help families prepare for school transitions.

It's the Simple Stuff that's Hard!  Executive Function and The Adolescent Brain

Executive Function is a buzz word prevalent in most national education conferences and frequently used in evaluative reports of students diagnosed with learning and attention vulnerabilities.

This workshop highlights aspects of Executive Function and why the "easy" stuff of planning, organizing and executing on tasks (executive function) can be hard for many.   Specific emphasis was made on how executive function skills relate to students in and out of the classroom setting.  In addition, executive function exercises is offered to educators to inspire dialogue about students and best practices in instruction.

MAIA Fundraiser for the International Dyslexia Association

MAIA Education celebrates Learning Disability month with a Fundraiser for the International Dyslexia Association at NYU Kimmel Center, Celebrating Dyslexia.

Expository Writing Workshop


We are offering our small group expository writing workshop for students rising to 4th-12th grades again this summer. We are excited to host our students in our expanded Carnegie Hill office steps away from the Museum Mile and Central Park as we hope they can also take advantage of the area before or after workshop meetings.

As good writing takes time to develop, we appreciate that summer is an excellent opportunity for our students to practice this important skill without the typical pressures of the school year.

In our workshop, we provide students instruction on step-by-step writing progression for a deeper understanding of and confidence in the writing process. We engage in elements of the Judith Hochman method, starting with sentence work and progressing through to outlining paragraphs and writing multi-paragraph outlines for essays. Students will receive take-home templates that can be used for future writing assignments in addition to developing and completing their own peer-edited essays.

MAIA Honors NYC Chancellor of Education

Maia Education supported event to honor NYC Chancellor of Education, Carmen Farina, at Everyone Reading Conference.

Helping Your  Child  with  Anxiety and  Executive Function Issues K–12

Learning Specialists  Sharon Thomas and  Caroline  Lasky will facilitate a discussion for parents raising children and adolescents who experience anxiety and executive function issues. These issues may be a result of a learning and/or attentional challenge.

It is common for parents to feel isolated when their  children’s struggles interfere with everyday life.

MAIA Education Resource Center welcomes and supports parents facing similar challenges with their children at home and/or in school.

Meet with other parents and learn about strategies and resources that will help you address your and your child’s needs.

When: Wednesday, January 22, 2020 9:00 AM  – 10:30 AM

Where: 11 East 88 th Street, Suite 1A, New York, NY 10128

Register for this talk here.

About the Presenters:

Caroline Lasky, M A: Caroline Lasky is a seasoned Learning Specialist who provides instruction to children and adolescents in a warm and supportive learning environment, Caroline plans specific education programs to meet the needs of a range of learners, including students diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. Caroline focuses her individualized instruction on cognitive and emotional issues related to learning. She earned an M.A. from New York University in Special Education with an emphasis on learning disabilities. Caroline previously taught at Collegiate, Stephen Gaynor, Colu mbia Grammar, and Dalton.

Sharon Thomas, MSEd, MSc: Sharon Thomas is a Learning Specialist and Educational Consultant. She is the Founder and Director of MAIA Education Resource Center, an organization that helps students K - College with and without learning differences through 1:1 tutoring, executive function coaching, test preparation, school placement, and workshops. MAIA Education is a resource to families who need timely referrals to professionals including psychologists, speech/language therapists, psyc hiatrists, special education attorneys, and college counselors. Ms. Thomas completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Georgetown University and earned a Master's degree in Child Psychology at University College London as well as a Master's in Gene ral and Special Education at Hunter College. She worked as a teacher therapist at Karen Horney Therapeutic Nursery and as a Learning Specialist for both private and public schools. She consults for schools in New York City.

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Tips for Navigating the College Application Process with Your Anxious Teen

Understandably the college application process brings up many anxious thoughts for teens and parents, including worries regarding acceptance to specific programs and  concerns about how the transition will work.

This panel will focus on demystifying the distinct parts of the college application process in addition to setting students up for success at the college level.

Specific recommendations will include:

• How to develop a college list that maximizes on a student’s strengths and interests

• Developing a timeline and strategy for the application process with targeted goals

• Resources for managing anxious thoughts throughout the process

• Designing a transition plan from high school to college

When: Wednesday, January 29, 2020 6:30  – 8:00 PM

Where: 11 East 88 th Street, Suite 1A, New York, NY 10128

Register for this talk here.

About the Presenters:

Marcia Kramer:  A graduate of Georgetown University and SUNY Buffalo. Marcia is a member of many college admission organizations such as the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) and the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) to name two. She also volunteers with College Summit, a non - profit whose goal is to transform the lives of low - income students by “working to make college the expectation and not the exception.”

Sherri Maxman:  A graduate of the Independent Educational Consultants Association’s Summer Training Institute and earned a Certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from the University of California at Irvine. She is a member of many professional organizations such as the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and the Learning Disabilities Association of America.

Nick Kruter:  Nick is the Academic and School Placement Counselor at MAIA Education Resource Center. He has unique experience in admissions counseling and recruitment having worked in both boarding school and college admissions at schools such at Hotchkiss and Tufts. He guides students and their families through the school admissions process, helping to craft distinct solutions for the students’ academic futures.

Sharon Thomas: Earning  degrees at Georgetown University, University College London, and Hunter College, Sharon Thomas is a Learning Specialist and Educational Consultant. She is the Founder and Director of MAIA Education Resource Center, an organization that provides many services supporting student’s education including helping students K - College, with and without learning differences, find the educational setting where they will thrive.

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