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At MAIA we are dedicated to serving your family’s educational needs, and look forward to providing tutoring, school placement, executive function coaching, and high-quality educational services that you and your family can trust.  Contact us to learn more about how our programs, workshops and resources can benefit you.


Know Your Options

When it comes to school placement, we understand that you are a discerning parent who wants the very best for your child.  We help you navigate the extensive educational options so you can make confident decisions about your child's future.  Learn More >>>

Mastery Learning

MAIA’s master’s level trained instructors are invested in your child’s learning experience and success.  We help your child navigate through complex tasks, solve problems, and build the confidence needed to approach tasks independently.  Learn more >>>

Life Skills

Students today have hectic schedules that sometimes make it difficult to get organized and stay on top of commitments. We can give your child the tools needed to be successful with time management, planning and organization at school and at home.   Learn More >>>

School Placement

Executive Function

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